About PISA

Personnel Information Security Administration – PISA

What is the PISA system?

The Personnel Information Security Administration system (PISA) is an information system which supports the handling of the request procedure related to obtaining personnel security clearances for staff and contractors, as well as for the related administrative follow up and verifications of validity.

PISA also supports the supervision of the Request for Visit (RFV) procedure for visits to classified facilities or participation to classified meetings by staff or contractors, as well as for the visit of external personnel to classified facilities.3-300x228

PISA is based in a sub-set of modules of the Virtual Office suite which were integrated to fully support the requirements of personnel information security administration activities.

PISA can be deployed in several configurations including pending of the deployment requirements ranging from a simple deployment in a single server configuration and two clients access to two or more servers with interconnected databases and several users (with different access levels) spreaded in several countries around the world.