PISA Software as a Service (SaaS) – Hosted deployment on Virtual Angle Secure Cloud

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a specific type of PISA Implementation Service, allowing micro and small to medium sized companies to access quickly, a configured and managed PISA Environment on a subscription basis, at an affordable price.

Utilising best-practices and relevant experience, our PISA Professional Services Team will configure and implement single or multiple PISA module(s) on Virtual Angle BV’s Secure Cloud, allowing the flexibility and security of an PISA environment without the hardware and associated operational costs to the client.

As for all others, this PISA service leverages a proven methodology to ensure a fast, effective service to suit the clients specific business requirements.

Our PISA Professional Services Team will ensure the implementation is successful and meets the bespoke needs of our clients. Furthermore as an add-on service the PISA Professional Services Team can provide full support to the Users Community on behalf of the client organisation.



  • Operational speed – Clients can have an PISA Environment up-and running in a matter of hours
  • Minimize IT infrastructure and cost – deploying PISA to secure cloud infrastructure
  • Reliability –Virtual Angle BV performs maintenance and upgrades (when new versions are released) for the client at no additional cost
  • Peace of mind – The client is able to delegate to Virtual Angle BV the Users support via ad-hoc support services
  • Your project – your way – PISA modules and projects are tailored to suit your business requirements.
  • Secure – Military grade data centre with granular data access control within the modules (The PISA SaaS encompasses the PISA Implementation Service Only).